Saddle Sore Riders CLUB

We are a pure riding club. 

We want to: "Get the backyard horse out of the backyard!"

President's Letter

September 2023

Howdy Y’al!!

Hope everyone is staying cool during the 100 degree temps out there. I know this is the same statement I said in August, but it is not cooling down. Take care of all your fur babies and yourself.

This month we will be having the Membership ride which will be on September 16th. We need to really push for members to join. We also need to have new members that have new ideas for rides and events. Remember this is a member’s only ride and food and drinks will be supplied. Also this year we are having a membership drive contest. The person that can bring in the most members will win $50.00.

For October, Don is having a fundraiser dinner at the Legion on October 7th. The food will be delicious and we will also have Karaoke after the dinner. Make sure to mark your calendars now.

The path to my heart is paved with hoofprints.

Suzann Tumbleson


Saddle Sore Riders, Inc.TM

Officers, Board, and Standing Chairpersons


PRESIDENT                           Suzann Tumbleson   951-807-7585

VICE-PRESIDENT                MayLynn Motley         951-965-1724

SECRETARY                         Don Pettinger             909-636-2130

TREASURER                         Alicia Ziegenbein       951-316-5529



Tammy Kapec  (1 year)                                                  951-515-9442

Colly Cook (2 years)                                                       714-813-3930

Taylor Tumbleson (1 year)                                             951-807-1752

Pam Witham (2 years)                                                    951-206-5555

Rona Meyers (1 year)                                                     951-233-3250



THE CAGE                              Colly Cook                  714-813-3930

COUNTRY STORE               Rona Meyers              951-233-3250

EQUIPMENT MGR                Mike Meyers               951-809-7812

EVENT SIGNS                       Kathryn Grossman    951-642-8988

HISTORIAN                            Stephanie Gwinn       951-818-3083

MEMBERSHIP                       Michelle Marshall      909-816-3441

NOOSELETTER                    Pam Witham               951-206-5555

OUTRIDER /SECURITY       Laurentina Rodrigues   951-217-4017

WEBMISTRESS/PUBLICITY  Michelle Marshall      909-816-3441