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Here is some camping information from Backcountry Horsemen of California​

Use of horse camps by non-equine campers is becoming a bigger problem than it has in the past within US National Forests.  This is a situation that is occurring more and more throughout the country.  BCHA is planning to address this situation with a strong push that will most likely take years to resolve. This is due to much of the problem being that there is no rule within the Forest Service that restricts non-equine campers from using horse camps.  So they are in need of photos of non-equine use of horse camps to support this campaign.  Please send any that you have to me so I can get them to BCHA.


Bob Magee 


PS:  The President of BCHC comments on this:

"This problem won't go away on its own folks.  When you see instances of what Bob is talking about here, provide BCHA with the evidence it needs to fight the problem. Take photos, note the location time and date, and how long the offenders were there. Forward this information to Bob as soon as you get it."