Saddle Sore Riders CLUB

We are a pure riding club. 

We want to: "Get the backyard horse out of the backyard!"

President's Letter

APRIL 2024

Howdy Saddle Sore Riders,

As we reflect on the rainy month behind us, there were certainly some memorable moments despite the weather's challenges. Martin Garcia's ride was undoubtedly one of the highlights, showcasing the resilience and camaraderie of our community. Although Jeannie Kelly's ride was cancelled because of the rain, we found solace in the company of Team Kapec’s amazing taco offerings and indulged in some delicious food and heartfelt fellowship.

Looking ahead, April promises excitement with the highly anticipated Horseweek just around the corner. From the electrifying ranch rodeo to a plethora of other engaging events such as the quarter dip, adult fun night, obstacle course, chili cook-off, poker ride and BBQ, there's something for everyone. Make sure to visit the Horseweek website at for more details and to mark your calendars—it's going to be an unforgettable week of fun and festivities!

And let's not forget to keep our spurs polished for Danny Gonzalez's upcoming "May the 4th be with you ride." With Danny at the helm, you can bet it's going to be a ride filled with laughter, adventure, and maybe even a touch of intergalactic flair.

As we embark on the month of April, let's heed the timeless wisdom of Winston Churchill: "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." Let's saddle up, embrace every moment, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy riding,



Saddle Sore Riders, Inc.TM

VIEW OUR LATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO: The General Meeting is on Sunday, APRIL 7, 2024!


Officers, Board, and Standing Chairpersons


PRESIDENT                           Don Pettinger             909-636-2130

VICE-PRESIDENT                MayLynn Motley         951-965-1724

SECRETARY                         Megan Carson            951-204-5451

TREASURER                         Alicia Ziegenbein       951-316-5529



Suzann Tumbleson (IPP 1 year)                                951-807-7585

Colly Cook (2 year)                                                        714-813-3930

Tammy Kapec  (2 years)                                                951-515-9442

Pam Witham (1 year)                                                     951-206-5555

Jeanne Kelly (2 years)                                                   951-204-2924



THE CAGE                              Joann Vidinoff                 760-220-1688

COUNTRY STORE               Rona Meyers              951-233-3250

EQUIPMENT MGR                Mike Meyers               951-809-7812

EVENT SIGNS                       Kym Adams                    951-206-0021

HISTORIAN                            Cindy Merritt               951-250-6492

MEMBERSHIP                       Suzann Tumbleson   951-807-7585

NOOSELETTER                    Pam Witham               951-206-5555

OUTRIDER /SECURITY       Position Open         

WEBMISTRESS/PUBLICITY  Michelle Marshall      909-816-3441